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Warehousing Handling

The 3P logistics handling will never be considered complete without the traditional role of warehousing. The operation of warehousing is critical for any economy in the world, as it determines the competitiveness of the business. Without a careful custom-made warehouse solution for your business model, it will cause a great deal of loss in competitiveness (in terms of stocks/parts turnaround, opportunity cost, direct cost, loss sales, higher operative cost). Hence, we strongly believe in understanding your business models to pre-define the best warehousing solutions.

Here are just some examples of the types of warehousing we handle:-

  1. Bonded Facilities (Zero-rated warehousing)
  2. Licensed warehousing (for the highly dutiable and taxable cargoes)
  3. Automated Retriever System (ARS)
  4. Cold rooms/ Air-conditioned
  5. Open Yard storage
  6. General warehouse facilities
  7. Cross-docking

Bonded warehouse – Located within the designated seaport zone and Airport cargo zoning, such facilities are meant for your shipment that require transshipment, re-exporting or temporary storage in transit for checking and verification.

Licensed Warehouse – This specialized type of handling caters to your shipment that involves highly dutiable commodity (liquor, cigarettes) or controlled items.

ARS warehouse – With Automated Retrieval warehouse, it enables you to have quick access to stock level and ease of retrieval as compared to the conventional modes of warehousing.

Cold Rooms/Air-conditioned warehouse – Ranging from the normal Air-con temperature setting environment for your shipment to a low temperature setting in accordance to your shipment storage requirement. This is especially important to protect the value and quality of your shipment state.

Open Yard warehouse – Providing space for your container temporary storage, or bulk shipment that cannot be stored within general warehouse. Such warehousing enables temporary storage of your project shipment and odd-sized shipment at an economy pricing.

Cross-docking warehouse – This is a growing important facility for your cargo that needs to be shipped out only at a later date. It eases your existing plant space for optimal utilization of further storage of raw material or semi-finished products.