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Our Product & Services

Our core businesses encompass the below activities:

  1. Freight Management
    (ie. Airfreight, Ocean freight, Road Trucking, Cross-Border, Local delivery, Transloading);
  2. Warehouse Handling
    (ie. VMI, Reverse Logistics, Bonded, FTZ, Cross-docking..);
  3. Project Cargo Management
    (Barging, Chartering, Escort);
  4. Freight Consultation
  5. Custom Brokerage
    (Door-Door service, country-lead know-how);
  6. Risk Management
    (Marine insurance coverage, crisis management).

We understand that in this dynamic state of business environment, it is not possible for the traditional management of freight or logistics to deliver the most comprehensive solutions. That is why, we strongly believe in integrating each and every function of the services in a manner most suitable for your business model.

Be it a sole-proprietary business, the small & medium size local businesses (SME), the Public listed companies, or even for the Multi-National Corporations, we have every solution for your logistics needs, not withstanding the differences in each need and requirement.

All it takes is for you to contact us for a non-obligatory review now, and our proposal would certainly be effective and exceeding your expectation.

What we handle & how it fits your requirement

Individual needs/requirements of the logistics handlings depend very much on every single business model and we base on the following four key factors to address the most common areas of concern for your company with regards to your logistics portion (or back-end support)

  • Cost management : in terms of per unit cost of your product against the logistics charges incurred.
  • Time management : in terms of meeting delivery time/ production flows, order fulfillment, Liquidation damages of completing your goods/project.
  • Accuracy : in terms of getting the right shipment & quantity to the right place and having correct details of the shipment.
  • Functionality : in terms of stocks management, locations and security management.

With the above key factors inter-relating to one another, we seek to achieve the best blend of solutions for your every logistics requirement.