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Freight Consultation

Our team of specialists has vast experience in dealing with different sectors of the industry, which is handy and practical when providing freight consultation to you and your team.

Through sessions of listening and understanding your company's logistics needs and requirement, it enable us to piece and match possible solutions that are built on the four key factors as illustrated below:-

We believe that no single solution (without understanding the situational and practicality aspect) works to the best of your company's logistics requirement. Therefore, it is important to have the right blend to achieve the desired result.

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Custom Brokerage

The different requirements and custom handling across the Globe makes the logistics flow seem complex and difficult to handle. However, with a wide network of coverage across the Globe and also the handling experience gathered over the years, this allows us to furnish and advise you on the different countries' custom regulations and requirements. Our network across the Globe is equipped with the necessary custom-linked system and with good understanding of each locality custom procedure.

This is essentially a key in making door/door shipment possible and also allowing you (if you have subsidiaries or affiliated offices) to make important decisions on your production/service flow.

  • Direct custom link facilities allow for faster/effective handling of your shipment
  • Good knowledge of countries custom flow and procedure allows for easy of mind when door shipment is required

A strong understanding of the different locality's custom requirement is a must for your international business so as to avoid unnecessary custom delay and incurred extra expenses due to errand custom handling.

Risk Management

Having able to provide various management solutions in handling your logistics needs, it is also important to recognize the risk factor that affects the final fulfillment of your supply chain. We understand that risk management involves not only the traditional marine coverage for your shipment insurance, but also other factors that threaten your business support.

  • Route planning
  • Mode of transport to be used
  • Storage locations, type of storage
  • Packing of your shipment and the respective compliance with the country's regulations
  • Type of insurance coverage needed
  • Document proof-reading
  • Situational conditions of locality

We believe that a strong appreciation of good risk management is critical in making your logistics solution ideal.