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The Four Key Factors

Cost Management

Another key aspect of our business lies with the ability to introduce a system of cost management for you. We work on the below basis to provide a cost effective package to you:-

  • Participate in Direct Negotiation of the service rendered (both on your behalf and through our consolidated records)
  • Volume incentive package through network volume and track records.
  • Spot pricing and project pricing
  • Market pacing through constant testing of the market pricing level
  • Cost-plus model

We understand that the collective power and market knowledge is important in securing the best possible pricing for you without compromising the standard of service delivered.

In easing the non-core role of your business (in freight: negotiation, management, monitoring, bench -marking), we believe it will reap you the best cost management.

With proper cost management, it eases your budget which translate into higher profit returns per units/or man-hours


Time Management

Whilst understanding the importance of securing good direct cost factor on the freight expenses, it is also critical to handle the time factor well. In time management, we will gather your flow needs (raw material/semi-finished products) against the delivery commitment of your customer.

Using the below circumstances, we want to illustrate the importance of Time Management against the cost-management as a sole factor in formulating your freight solutions:-

  • Liquidated damages (LD)
  • Time-sensitive cargoes (perishables/Dangerous cargoes, control items)
  • Market-sensitive shipment (High-tech products, trend-setting products)
  • Down-time of factory/plant (especially for raw material or component needed within the production flow)
  • Order fulfillment (goodwill, reputation, market-perception)

Time factor can be an indirect cost saving component to your business if managed well, as areas of intangible gains (in terms of market capturing, goodwill basis, and maxima factory capacity) may sometimes outweigh the direct cost saving factor.



The next key factor is critical for achieving a balance between the Cost and Time effectiveness in your logistics solutions. The importance of accuracy can be defined in having the correct quantity, packages, marking, content and mix.

It is important for you to have a reliable service provider who ensures your placements of shipment are well-managed. A well-planned solution that caters for time and cost effectiveness would be useless if accuracy is not blended in. If accuracy is compromised, extra & duplicate effort would be needed to reconcile the shipment state - in terms of quantity, packing, marking, and content.



This factor looks into the core function of your business, while separating the support and secondary function role of your business. This is critical in ensuring the Freight solution formulated takes care of the nature of your business, which affects your business operation, reputation, goodwill and public liability.

In understanding your business nature like:-

  • Trade of business (dealing with controlled items, private or government related projects)
  • Location of factory/plant, offices and mode of operating
  • Terms of trade (buying terms with seller, obligation to buyer, legal licensing)
  • Trade licensing

Eventually, with a clear understanding of the functionality factor, it aids in avoiding the pitfall of using the wrong multi-modal mix in your freight solutions.


We believe that our team's experience gathered over the years and our established network will bring across to you the best fit logistics solutions. Your business, our commitment always there for you.

So, contact us today for a discussion to further understand what we could do for your business.